Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Utterly Exhausted

I took this photo tonight while I was at church for Adoration.  Joyce had posted this painting on her blog yesterday or the day before.  I think it is a wonderful thing to look at while waiting in line for confession (or reconciliation), pondering this father and son - and brother.  

I am too too tired.  I have too too much to do.  I have too too much going on in my life, in my family, at my job.

Today I learned the woman in the office next to mine has been laid off.  Also several more people.  And then my boss came to tell me he wouldn't be my boss anymore.  Someone else (who I like a great deal) will be.  But I did that great big verboten thing for a woman my age to do - I cried.  I love my boss.  He is almost the stereotypical psychiatrist.  The absent minded professor, the brilliant person who just doesn't know where he left his car keys.  He said we would go out and "get drunk" after all this is over... he knows I don't drink.  I am sure he didn't mean we would get drunk, just that we all need some levity, to blow off some steam, some humor, some lightness.

My new boss is a lovely woman who actually has an understanding of what I do at work.  She is a Catholic!  She has been a friend, I hope this new role won't ruin that.

But I am too tired and I felt overwrought all day long.  I need to find a way to get some down time in my life.  And it isn't happening any time soon.  I am having a huge family lunch on Saturday - and I don't know what to make.  I will figure it out.  And my nephew, his wife, and their children may have to see my house when it isn't very clean, because I don't see any cleaning happening before Saturday morning.

Sorry.  I am whelmed.  Tomorrow is a new day.

And today is a day when I can thank God that I am still gainfully employed, and have so many blessings I don't have time to count them.  (but maybe I can start to count them, like sheep, as I drift off to sleep.)


  1. Lunch- what about something like lasagna and a salad, topped by a couple of your great pies? Something that you don't have to worry about, maybe make the night before? Cleaning- really, most people don't notice the things that you do. Surprisingly one of our neighbors never noticed Tom hadn't put trim on one of our doorways. He's been through that doorway for years! Hit the big things and call it a day. Enjoy the family. I'm sorry about your old boss and co-workers. This seems to be common these days.

  2. Thanks Kathy. I think I am making my newly famous strawberry lemon curd tart. And I am hoping to think of something I can put in a crock pot. They are in town because my great nephew is in a basketball competition... so I am going to that, then we are coming here to eat. So, it has to be pre-assembled.

  3. Mary, you need some rest. You have been pushing yourself too hard. Try to go to bed early one night and get an extra couple of hours of sleep. I know it's crazy world. Best to you.

  4. Manny, You are right. I slept until 6:30 this morning !!! And I skipped my run. Balance is not something I am good at...

  5. As someone who was once an avid runner, would I be too bold in suggesting that you MIGHT be overdoing it? Running was addictive for me. So much so I'm already planning to get back out there now that the weather is nice, but it's ok to take a day off. In fact, it might do you more good to lay off for a day or two rather than push yourself so hard. Listen to the pot calling the kettle black :)