Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Power of a Word

This morning at mass, the sermon was given by the deacon.  He talked about "March madness" and related it to the Transfiguration somehow - that I don't even remember.  But he did mention Ash Wednesday and how at the vigil mass, the church was so packed that there were people standing in the back and along the sides.  I guess the point was that people like to get ashes, even if they suck as church-goers.

I remembered going to a different church one year for Palm Sunday.  It is a church I attend sometimes, but not very often.  But I frequently find different churches to go to that have masses that fit my schedule.  I like going to different churches.

On that Palm Sunday, I sat down and "overheard" a pretty audible conversation between two men seated behind me (and my hearing is poor at best).  They went on and on about how the "Christmas and Easters" just can't miss getting their palms.  How it crowded up the church.

So, the good news is:  I am not a "C&E," I am not a marginal Catholic, I am a church attender.  All the time.  But imagine if you were a person, like I once was, who was just trying to find her way home - to the church.

I try to remember that when I want to judge people.

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