Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A New Rosary

Last week I wrote about wanting a wooden rosary - something more austere than the sparkly red beads I am currently using.  

But I am who I am, and I am afraid I am so terribly weak.

I just spent at least 2 hours online designing a wonderful beautiful (semi-expensive) rosary (from  And I clicked "buy" and it will be put together to my specifications and mailed to me.  I think I will have it by the end of next week.  

Black wooden beads, silver crucifix, silver center.  

Why do I have to do this?

Is this sheer vanity, or is this actually putting my money where my mouth is?  

I know I can pray just as well on the pink plastic beads strung on white string that I can find in most adoration chapels.  But I love beautiful things.  And when I leave this earthly plane, I can give these to my son as they are "men's" beads.  

(I have spent most of today in bed with a migraine and then the sickness that comes from the medication that gets rid of the headache.  If not for a laptop computer, I would not have the ability to do these things :), at least not from bed.)


  1. You know, I don't think it's vanity at all. I think it's perfectly ok to pray with Rosaries that appeal to us. I think of pretty beads as a kind of votive candle that can help us to focus as we pray. Besides, it's not like you're going to wear them ;-) Enjoy them and the blessings that come from praying the Rosary.

  2. Agreed. My favorites were hematite. (I am a rock-geek). Plus that had a wonderfully heavy feel. They broke, I still have them in a baggie, hoping to fix them. I loved praying with them. The ones you designed are lovely! I like the sculpted beads. Pray on them in good health :)

  3. I hope you are feeling better. I know how bad migraines can be. There's nothing wrong with a pretty rosary! I didn't know you could special order them. That could make a really nice personalized gift.

  4. Hi Mary, ...I'm visiting from The Little Way. Sorry for your migraine. I think wanting to have a beautiful rosary, just shows what a treasure you think it is..

  5. Not vanity. I love glorious, beautiful churches, and peopel say why is that necessary? It's necessary to show that we love God so much we want something to reflect that love. Those beads show how much you treasure God.

  6. I also love beautiful rosary beads. I have misplaced my 'posh' ones that fit into a leather pouch which also has a beautiful prayer pull-out, with all the mysteries on it.
    So, for now, I am using light blue luminous plastic ones. I never seem to lose them!!
    If you get the beads blessed, you will be handing on something very precious, to your son.

    Sorry to hear about your migraine, does you r sight get affected? Mine are rare now, thank God, but I lose one side of my vision and get allsorts of weird sensations. If I go immediately, straight away, to a dark room (as soon as I sense that aura of a migraine) and put sunglasses on, I can avoid the really bad headache, I have found.

  7. I have both cheap rosary beads and good ones and I have to say that I prefer to pray on the good ones because they are so pretty. I have a bunch because I leave 1 in my car, carry 1 in my pocketbook, and have some for home. I never throw away my old ones either because they are blessed and I don't know what to do with them. I guess my daughter will inherit quite a selection of beads someday!

    I hope you are feeling better :)