Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

That's a photo from my run today.  I wasn't looking forward to being out for 8 miles, but now that it is done, I am glad I did it.  I couldn't join my running club yesterday since I was at the all day workshop.  So, today it was hard to go out by myself, but in many ways, the solitude was good.  

I am going to have a piece of pizza I froze last week and then take a nap.  It seems like a waste of a day off, but I am exhausted.  My face even looks exhausted!

Last night at mass, I tried not to be judgmental when I saw the drums, the flute player and the rest.  I tried to smile, but I have to tell you it was difficult.  There was some sort of calypso Allelulia recessional, the woman in front of me decided she should dance to it, her husband put his arm around her and patted her behind to the beat of the music.  Everyone was so HAPPY!  And I wasn't.  And this is one of the more traditional churches.  

But I know the evil one can easily use that little doorway into my soul.  And I must not let him.  

OK, it is nappy time.  I Love Sunday Afternoons.


  1. I miss long solitary runs on a Sunday afternoon. And you are so much better than I am. I think I would probably run like I was on fire from a calypso Mass.

  2. LOL! Joyce! MC, you showed great restraint! Meanwhile, I was busy cringing over the lector. :/

    I got tired and took nap, and all I did was make quiche.

  3. "calypso Allelulia" - Oh my, LOL! To be honest as we weere singing Gloria today in mass I was even thinking about how lucky I am to have a traditional music format.

    For some reason all afternoon I've felt like I've got a fever. I had to put on a sweat jacket. I can't even take tomorrow off. It's a must attend. Just a lousy rainy day here.