Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lenten Report

This is the Adoration Chapel at my old church - in which I am now spending many blessed hours a week.

How is everyone's lent going?  I guess we are half-way through.  I love Lent.  It leads to Easter, the holiest day of the year.  

The most amazing thing about this Lent has been spending so much time at Adoration.  I really only said I would go to mass *or* adoration because I didn't think I could get to mass every day.  And truly, I can't.  But I have found the hours at adoration to be life changing.  

Obviously, for what adoration is.   

But then also, to have the experience of showing up at different Adoration Chapels throughout the city and finding they are full at 7 a.m., or noon, or 5:00 p.m.  Usually full of silent people who are very devoutly praying.  To share silence with Jesus and others for an hour is something I can't even put to words.  If you have never spent any time at Eucharistic Adoration, please try it.  I don't think it is hyperbole to say that it will change your life.  

There were other things I did for Lent that I am too tired to write about now.  This is one of the more fruitful Lents of my life.  It is good.


  1. That's wonderful, Mary Christine! My most memorable to date is the one in which I met my husband.
    My lent has been a mixed bag. I am being more consistent in some things, like daily mass, though I can't do EVERY day, but I once was able, just during regular time, to get to adoration and confession weekly. That just hasn't worked out this Lent! There is one thing and another, and my own physical issues that get in the way. But I keep pressing on! I hope to make stations on Friday at the basilica downtown, with my husband on his lunch break.
    I still believe there is fruit, even if I can't see or feel it, yet. :)
    But I am so glad to hear you are experiencing a good Lent, after the difficult winter you had! Also in dealing with you son being away.

    Blessings and Peace!

  2. Interesting looking chapel. I'm glad that it's quiet.It looks very comfortable. When I go to the public chapel of an order of nuns who have perpetual adoration, it is extremely quiet. However, the chapels closer to home seem to attract an assortment of the lonely and the mentally ill, so it's a mixed bag. When I am distracted by others, I always say it's God's way of letting me know that my prayers aren't as focused as they should be.

    I'm going to wait until after Lent to discuss how it's going, only because I feel the Evil One goes out of his way to trip me up as soon as I get into a groove. I pray yours continues to go well

  3. I am glad Lent is going well for you. While I have not followed through with everything I have managed the most important one. Your chapel is nice. I'm sort of scared of mine and stopped going because no priest is there, no one at all. It's way off the beaten path on a back road all by itself. Only a couple of people could fit in it. You're supposed to have the code to get in but it's a silly code that anyone could punch in. It's dark too. I would go with someone but not alone.

  4. Joyce, I have to agree, it is "interesting" It is certainly not the way I would have designed it! But it is what I have. The other one I attend is much more churchy looking. And then there is Adoration at my church on Monday nights which is very traditional.