Saturday, March 12, 2011


My least favorite time change will occur tonight.  I am a morning person, so changing the time so that it isn't light until after 7 a.m. isn't something I think is a great idea.  But I will live through it, just as I do every year.

I have been on the phone for hours this evening.  I am always grateful when people call me to tell me about the tragedies in their lives.  It can feel heavy (and dark), but I am honored by their trust in me.  And I am gladdened to know that they are probably looking for what I am sure to tell them... pray, trust God, pray some more, etc.

But it is amazing the horrible things that take place in this world. I just erased a long paragraph about the deaths, suicide, despair, etc.  There is no reason to put it here.  But I know of many broken hearts tonight.  I will pray for them tonight and tomorrow.

I will go to mass in the morning and be grateful that I can.


  1. Are those crocuses yours? There is nothing quite like seeing signs of Spring, even when the temperature still says winter.

  2. Good morning MC, I hope you find peace at Mass this morning. It's wonerdful to be able to sit and listen to someone's difficulties, a real blessing. The tough part is not getting sucked into the negativity. I struggle with hat.

  3. God Bless you, you are a good friend! Being willing to share in other peoples pain is a beautiful thing.

  4. Joyce, the crocuses are mine - but the photo is from last year. They haven't bloomed yet this year. But will soon :)

    And indeed, Scott and Kelly, I do consider it a blessing to be able to listen to others.

  5. My yellow and white crocuses have bloomed, but not the blue. Either they're behind or they did not survive the winter.

    The world is full of sorrow. I'm coming to the conclusion that there is more sorrow out there than happiness.