Sunday, March 27, 2011

Living Color

Yesterday after my run and a movie and shopping with a friend, I got into my car and was amazed by the passenger seat of my car.  I took a photo (which refuses to upload onto the blog for now, but I shall try later).  There was a pink shirt, a pink jacket, a colorful bag from Whole Foods, and many other things.  But the thing that struck me was the color.  It was vivid color.

Sometimes when I am struggling, the world seems to go into black and white.  Or maybe sepia.  But the pinks and greens and purples seem to fade into the background to the point that I cannot even see them.  

Yesterday I saw the color and felt the joy.

I think this must be what heaven is like.  

Seeing and feeling the things that we just could not see while here.  


  1. Mary Christine, perhaps this is a special grace you have received to be pondered on. I know many who have received this exact same experience. The first fruits.

  2. The church begs folks to see the invisible become visible, in every Mass.

    Stained glass reflects the sun in arrays of new beams.

    Vestments and church colors change with the time of year, far greater than any Autumn undressing of trees.

    Purple Passions.
    Red of Pentecost fires.
    Green of pleasing "ordinary".
    Even Gold to remind us of great value we see and we are.

    I do wish they would add more Orange!
    I love that color.

    And color is why I belong to Longwood by Philly and visit Phipps by Pittsburgh, and Botanical Gardens in Scottsdale or Florida, to see any flower in bloom around the year, indoor and outside.

    The colors are enhanced by the aromas, blending from one flower to the next.

    "The Aroma of Christ" is waiting to be found in every person you meet.

    May the invisible, become visible to all, even before time in Heaven.

  3. Keystone has captured beautifully in words this great grace given to us. I also agree that the Aroma of His Majesty is a grace. The saints have testified to this. I endorse Keystone's last sentence within my soul - brilliant!

  4. This post reminds me of the colouring song by Petra. I think I'll go and find it and post it. It's quite old but I've only heard it in the last couple of years.

  5. Wow, great comment Keystone. And great observation Mary-C. :)