Saturday, January 1, 2011


It is far too late in the day for me to be writing anything, but I didn't want to let this first day of the new year go by without writing something.  

I have had a wonderful day, full of friends and family.  I got to watch my baby granddaughter for the afternoon while my son and daughter-in-law took a drive to the mountains.  Their first outing without the baby since she was born almost 3 months ago.  It was so good to spend hours with this little tiny baby.  

I went to a party tonight where I was going to bring a pie.  I had wanted to make a treacle tart having read about Ros'.  But when I went to the grocery store to try to purchase treacle and golden syrup, as I suspected, these things were not to be purchased in Denver, Colorado.  So, I made a cheesecake - much to the delight of my friends.   I am going to find a way to purchase treacle and golden syrup and make a treacle tart one of these days, just not today.

I had wanted to write a prayer for 2011.  But I am too tired.  Tomorrow perhaps.  

I know that God knows my heart and he can help me form the prayer I need.

Thank you.  


  1. Is that lake in your back garden? Your day sounded nice. It's good to feel too tired sometimes, because you know you will fall fast asleep. I really appreciate that kind of tired, compared to the exhaustion of the body coupled with a mind that can't switch off, forcing you to stay awake all night. Like a living death. Withdrawels were never pleasant for me, didn't stop me going through them many many times though.
    I dreamed I had a drink last night. I got so upset in my dream, really crying in despair. I was so pleased to wake up.

    Happy 2nd Jan, it's a bank holiday here in the UK. Do you get 'bank' holidays in the US?

    I don't know why they call these types of holidays 'bank' holidays. You'll need to look up the Bank Holidays Act of 1871 although this Act was repealed in 1971 and superseded by the Banking and Financial Dealings Act, also 1971, which remains in force today (I found that on wikipedia).

    What an altogether discombobulated comment for you to find. I'm off to make a cup of coffee, seeing as I have almost done a whole blog post in your combox hee-hee!

    Peace and prayers Mary C.

  2. Oh heck! I'm lieing, It's not a bank holiday today, because it's Sunday! I thought it was Monday, nearly put the rubbish bins out, oops, sorry. Christmas doea that to one, confuses the days.

  3. Oh my Ros... my back garden is a tiny little parcel of land. It is barely large enough for a bird bath!

    And no, we don't have 'bank holidays' I think we have 'federal holidays' in their place... but I could be wrong about that.