Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning

I was supposed to run this morning, but woke up with a (nother) migraine, so running is out.  I have to go to work at least long enough to find out if the feds have shown up this Monday.  We are expecting a visit, and it is my job to coordinate these visits.  So, I will bravely show up for work and hope to leave within an hour or two.  Then I'll come home, take medication, and go to bed.  Hope to be well enough to go to Biblical School tonight.    I am having at least one migraine a week lately, and although I can "offer it up," I am concerned that something untoward is going on inside my head.  

In desperation for a bit of warmth and light, on Friday I went to the tanning salon and got them (in desperation) to offer me quite a deal for six months of tanning.  I have been tanning on and off for the last twelve years.  They say it is not good for you, I suppose they are right.  Last year I went to a dermatologist for my first full body scan.  The only issues on my whole body were on the left side of my face - from driving a car.   So, I felt I had license to tan again.   I tell you, laying under that light seems to have great benefit for someone who is suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.  

Anyway, there IS a point to this story....  When I was done tanning, and leaving the salon, the owner was talking to one of his friends about Moses!  Of course, I felt the need to pipe right in and join the conversation.  After a few moments, the tanning guy asked me if I had considered becoming a minister.  I laughed and said "no."  He told me I should be a minister because I could help a lot of people.  He said I am great at talking to the most disturbed people.  

A reader might ask how the tanning salon guy would know this....  I have done all of my twelve years of tanning at this salon.  In those years, I have had many opportunities to talk to the tanning guy and his clientele.  I spent a great deal of time with the tanning guy when he was suffering terribly from active alcoholism.  He has now been five or more years without a drink.  He won't go get the help he needs, so his is not a very happy sobriety, but he is sober just the same.  And I am sure that beats the heck out of the way he was drinking.   We dealt with the sudden death of a common friend a few years back and all that entails.  I guess I am saying we have a relationship.  I would not count him as a friend, but we have known each other for a while.

And who knows what my point is, because I am sure having a hard time getting around to it.... I think my brain is not functioning well with all that pain inside it this morning....

I do have a point, and it is.... we never know how we impact those people around us.   I like to think I can just go through life and carefully chose the relationships I will have.  But God has a different idea.  The clerk at the grocery store or the dry cleaners, the waitress at the local pizzeria, my hairdresser, my realtor, or banker, etc., etc.... these are all people I can have a positive effect on, or a negative.  I hope to have a positive impact.  

I am totally dependent on God to help me do this, because left to my own devices, I am a grouchy, snarly soul.  


  1. You get your ticket, you can come stay with me for a fortnight anytime. My dad said to my mom today, "I'll continue praying the rosary for her, but I don't have any faith that she is going to stay sober." Talk about self loathing. xx

  2. Try using some sort of humidifier. I've had one, non stop headache since I was 15 years old. It never goes away. Winters are usually worse, for me anyway, because of the dry air from the furnace. Steam may not get rid of it completely, it never has in my case, but it seems to lessen the effects somewhat.

    Good luck!

  3. Do you know you can purchase special light bulbs (for your home lamps)that are supposed to help with the SAD? You have to be careful though that you get the right ones. Some will imply they are full spectrum but they need to be specific ones. I wish I could remember what the speaker told us at a conference last year but it's easy to get the wrong ones. You might want to research it a bit though. Maybe one of the doctors at your work would know.

    I hope your headaches improve. I know how bad they can be for Tom.

  4. You really can be a minister! ;) In these couple of months I've been stopping by here, you have been inspirational for me. I am thankful Ros introduced me to your blog. I hope your headaches pass. I have a friend at work with SAD and she says the lightbulbs help.