Sunday, January 9, 2011

A little girl

Died yesterday.  I know you know.  A little girl was shot and killed in Tucson, Arizona (one of my favorite places on earth).

She was born on September 11, 2001.

I know not much more than that.  Imagine a life begun on 9/11 and ending in this violence.

Nearly as soon as I heard about the whole tragedy, I saw on facebook that my nephew blamed a certain former governor of a northern state, who also had an unsuccessful vice-presidential candidacy a few years back.  I am not her biggest fan, but I was sickened to see someone so quickly use this terrible tragedy to try to blame "the other side."  Then I saw that he wasn't alone.

I work in a state psychiatric hospital.  I saw the things the (alleged) shooter wrote, they look familiar to me - professionally.  They look like evidence of the disorganized mind of someone who is suffering from mental illness.

Why do we try to make sense of the senseless?  To try to blame a politician for this is cheap.

Maybe if we think it isn't so random, we can feel "safe."

This world is not safe, it never has been and never will be.  When we know this isn't our final destination, I guess that is easier to live with.

God bless those who died, those who are fighting to survive, and the rest of us too.


  1. Amen as well. To blame any politician for the disturbed actions of a psychotic person is nonsense and really just cheap politizing. I can count many instances of left wing extremists (the unibomber, the radicals that tear up cities when economic summits occur) who could be said to be motivates by left wing rhetoric. There are people who cannot control their actions. It has nothing really to do with politics.

    My God, the poor girl was born on 9/11! I had not heard that. May God bring her to His heart.

  2. and so it sad....:-)Hugs