Sunday, January 30, 2011

Let's turn the Blogostat to a little bit lighter

Yesterday I went to the above park after confession.  I would have sat at church until 5:00 mass, but the priest told me to go outside and enjoy the rest of the day.  I thought I'd best not disobey, having just been absolved and all.  So I went to a nearby park and said my penance prayers - well, it was just one, Psalm 81.  And went to mass when it was time...

On Friday a friend from work sent me a "funny" e-mail.  I frequently don't even open e-mail that have "FWD: fwd: fwd: FWD:" in the subject line.  But she caught me in the hall and told me I HAD to watch the short video.  She said it was worth watching.  Well, it was a 72 year old woman doing a deadpan standup routine about her age.  I found it so unfunny that I was crying by the end of it.  It was just pitiful.    I guess age is the final frontier of things that are OK to make fun of.  I don't find it funny.  I pass by the greeting cards at the grocery store, many of the "funny" ones have "hilarious" photos of old people on the fronts.  

I know that I have a serious streak about a mile wide.  I also have a funny streak a mile and a half wide.  But what others find funny and what I find funny often do not sync.  If the humor is at the expense of another, I am not going to laugh.  I just think it is mean.  

But at confession yesterday, I know the priest knew who I was from my laugh.  It is the most recognizable thing about me.  I went "behind the screen" in an attempt at humility.  And who laughs at confession anyway???? me.

And since I am being totally random here, I will just say that I wore jeans to mass yesterday.  I don't normally do that, unless the weather is horrible.  But I did it yesterday.  Mainly because of the comments I got when I wrote about dressing up for mass.  I thought maybe wearing jeans would be an exercise in humility.  If so, it didn't work.  The woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder before mass and said "I can't believe you are wearing jeans!"  Oh, horror.  Then I looked at her legs, and they were in jeans.  So I knew she wasn't trying to insult me.  I guess the look on my face told her she needed to explain.  She said she was surprised because she never saw me in jeans before and that I usually dress "so nice."  I  told her that I couldn't help it, it was how I was raised.  She agreed.  She is probably in her mid to late 60s, so she understood.  But said she just doesn't dress up anymore.  I understand.  But I do.  I dress nicely for work, I think I ought to spend at least as much time trying to dress nice for mass.

Sorry, I am all over the place today.  

I am going to head out and go see the movie "The King's Speech" this afternoon.  I am looking forward to it.

I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday.  


  1. Hi Mary C. Don't worry if I'm not around blogger for a while. I need a break, but thought I would drop by to stop you worrying. God bless, I'm sure I,ll be back soon.

  2. That's funny that the lady was shocked to see you in jeans :) I think the parishioners at my church would be shocked to see me in a dress (lol)! (I think I mentioned about my "Mass pants" to you already.)

  3. Hey, I finally made it to confession myself yesterday. It felt great. I love that feeling afterward. I wonder if that feeling stays with one if one goes to confession very frequently. Or does confession become too routine?

    Funny you should mention giggling while in the confessional. I didn't do that, but while I was waiting my turn some stray thought did strike me funny and I started laughing to myself. I told myself that I better not do that in there, and thankfully I didn't.

    You never mentioned whether your poll results on face to face versus behind a screen confessional were as you expected. I thought you might blog on that. I was surprised that more than half preferred a face to face.