Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frigid February First

That's a photo of my front porch - the Christmas lights are still there.  They are solar and I am in no hurry to take them down since I am not paying a cent for them to light up every single night.

It is supposed to get down to 21º below zero fahrenheit tonight.  Last night it got down to 9 below and that kept me awake for a portion of the night.  I wake up in the night with horrible fears.  Last night it was frozen pipes, water damage, bankruptcy, inability to pay for repairs, resulting mold, and the ruination of my home and its value.  Oh, my mind does not reason well in the night.  It is best for me to just stay asleep all night, if only I could!

In the daytime I plan wonderful things like my training for 3 half marathons this summer, followed by a fall marathon.  The trip to Maine for the marathon with my 31 year old daughter.

I think about whether I should take another icon class in June - it is expensive.  $775.  For six full days of beautiful instruction in the art of icon writing.  Six days of near silence and prayer.  While prayerfully making another icon.  Five days of vacation from work and all its troubles, and entry into another world.  (Did I just convince myself?  maybe.)

But from the hours of midnight to four, my mind is full of frightening things and nothing seems right.  I will pray for a full night's sleep tonight.

Deo Gratias.


  1. Wow! That is cold. As long as your heating is working, you don't have anything to worry about. While we haven't had temperatures as low as that, we on the east coast are having a horrendous winter, one of the worst. And we're still getting bad weather. Sleet and ice is forecast for overnight. Keep warm and think of summer!

  2. So sorry to hear that you are having "night terrors". I'm an oddball in that I love the night. In fact, I remember watching a documentary on the tragedies of the Kennedy family many years ago and one of the chapters was called "In Love With Night". I thought that described me to a tee. "In the silent hours of night, bless the Lord". Maybe you can try praying the hours, in solidarity with the nuns who rise at midnight and again at 4am to praise the Lord? I wish you a peaceful night and a restful sleep.

  3. Hi, can you send me information on how to get credentials to the Democratic Convention being held in a town 20 miles from me? I'd love to try and I can always put them in my spam list which "learns" to put their emails there all the time.