Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prayers Please

In the devastation of the tornadoes in Alabama is my brother and his wife.  I heard from his daughter, my niece, that a tornado hit 600 yards from their house.  There was a tree across their driveway, someone's roof in their backyard, and debris everywhere.   They had no power, water, or telephone.  

First I was grateful that they are OK.  Then I started to consider the fact that they are both in poor health, a day in that situation could be more than either of them could physically or emotionally take.  I asked my niece for an update, via facebook.  

Her latest update said they ate lunch, and at which restaurant (seriously?), and that they have a game plan.  No details about whether they are staying in the house or whether they have power, water, and telephone back.  I hope I will find out soon.  

I am so worried about my beloved older brother and his wife.  My sister-in-law since 1967.  

I know there are others in much worse situations and I am praying for them.  But I can't help but be worried about my brother.  

Prayers are appreciated.  

Thank you and God bless you.


  1. Prayers, absolutely. These storms are the worst I can ever remember and the loss of life is astounding. They are fortunate that they got through this but there such a long road to recovery for so many hard hit areas.

  2. It is incredible. I have business with people down in Huntsville and I'm wondering if they're all safe. I got an email from one of them who said his house was damaged, but at least it did not sound devastated. I pray for your family there Mary-C and for all those effected or perished.

  3. My aunt and uncle live in Huntsville. My mom was going to check on them. Since I haven't heard anything that's a good sign

  4. Thanks Kathy and Manny. I heard from my niece last night. They are staying in the house - with no water, power, or phone. The power isn't expected to be back for 6 days! I am so worried about them. They are both in their 70s and not in good health.

  5. Prayers for you and yours,and all who who have been devastated by these storms.

  6. It should be warm enough not to need heat, but I hope they have flashlights and they can get food and water down to them. It is absolutely stunning when you see the damage. I still haven't heard from anyone else down in Huntsville. Prayers for all those across the country affected by the tornados.

  7. sorry to read this late Mary. I will pray now. not back blogging yet, prperly.thanks for stopping by, my blog and prayers, for Jane. sorry. ros.