Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My New Rosary

When I got home from work and Mass tonight, there was a package on my front porch.  I prayed that it would be my new rosary.  And I made myself do all my tasks before I opened the package.  And before I opened it, I told myself, you will be disappointed.  It is not going to be beautiful.

But I opened the box, and in it was the most beautiful rosary I have ever seen.  It is heavy.  It is large.  The crucifix is silver, and the center (the miraculous medal) is too.  

It feels like the rosary I will pray every day for the year my son is gone.  Oh yes, I know I will still pray after he returns, but this feels like the right one to have in my hands for the hundreds of rosaries I will pray while he is gone.  

Oh, I could beat myself up for loving beautiful things.  But I have to be happy that I am excited about a beautiful rosary instead of a new piece of jewelry or other less "worthy" thing.  

I have to go to another funeral tomorrow.  A friend who drank himself to death.  He was much too smart for AA.  He didn't like coming to those "stupid meetings."  I will have to shake the hands of his sons and tell them I am sorry.  And I truly am sorry.  What a waste.  


  1. I'm glad the rosary turned out nicely! Also very sorry to hear of your friend. So sad.

  2. I tried one of those build-a-rosary sites, and ended up not being able to afford the one I designed at the end! LOL I think it is wonderful to have rosary beads you love and have meaning for you.
    I just learned how to make knotted cord rosaries last weekend. I like ti keep mine in a pocket, and the chain ones get all tangled and the links break. I had a lovely hematite one that also was wonderfully heavy, but the nylon cord broke...sigh. Anyways I am on to cord ones. My first one is not so great, but it was practice, and I am going to try again. I made my husband one out of leather lacing, and it turned out nice.
    At least you are going to the funeral-your presence will be a comfort to the family. I was always so appreciative of those who came to my parents and brothers funerals.

  3. A very beautiful Rosary. I wish you many peaceful hours praying it.

    I will keep the soul of your friend in my prayers. Tragic that we inflict such destruction on ourselves in the forms of so many addictions.

  4. It is beautiful. May it bring you lots of joy. :)

  5. Your new Rosary is beautiful!

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend and I will say a prayer for the repose of his soul.