Thursday, April 21, 2011

In an unholy world

southwest plaza bomb FBI Identifies Person Of Interest In Southwest Plaza Mall Pipe Bomb
I have shared here before that I live very near Columbine High School.  I think this area has a bit of collective PTSD.  Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the massacre.  There was a fire at the mall less than a mile from the school.  When they found the fire, they found bombs.  It is just so macabre.  

How well I remember that day.  We all have our own stories.  Mine is not particularly interesting I think. I sat down at lunch to write a letter (to a priest), and checked the internet news first.  Then I saw this horror unfolding just a couple miles to the south.  I realized that one of my employees had two children at that school that day.  I realized I had to go tell her what was going on.  Thank God her kids were OK. As were the kids of the other employees who went tearing out of there that day.  Other parents from other places had other stories.  

Later I dated a man who had played a key role in the investigation of what happened that day 12 years ago.  His career had ended in disgrace, very public disgrace.  The story of his decline was all over the internet.    But I will never forget something he said.  One of our favorite things to do was to watch TV together - over the phone.  It was fun.  One day we watched an event taking place at Columbine.  President Clinton was visiting.  I don't remember what the event was, but he was sitting on a dais outdoors.  In the pouring rain.  There was lightening.  My friend said it would not surprise him if lightening hit the president and he died.  It would be consistent with the ruin that had tainted everyone connected with that tragedy.    My friend was later found dead in his own home.  I believe he was a victim of alcoholism, but I will never know what really happened.  I only know he died alone.  After years of a stellar career and a shining life, it all ended in disgrace.  

I have got a cold, a bit of a fever, and a constantly dripping nose.  It is pouring rain outside.  I need to be at work soon.  And I need to look good because I will likely meet a state dignitary today.  Might not too, but if I went to work dressed in jeans (as I sometimes do on days like this), I would be assured a meeting.   So I shall dress as nice as I can and try to be presentable and pleasant.  

I hope to be able to go to Mass tonight.  But if I need to come home and go to bed, I will.

God bless you all on this Holy Thursday.


  1. A reflective day for you, today, Mary Christine. I remeber watching the story unfold aswell, about the school.
    I am sorry about your friend. I have too many similar memories of lost loved ones, who died like that, alone.
    I also never believe it couldn't happen to me. It's almost shiveringly close, thinking about it.

  2. A terrible tragedy. I didn't know that there was a trend of bad events associated with anyone that handled the case. Sad. I hope you will be feeling better very quickly.

  3. They found bombs yesterday at your mall? OMG, did they find out who did that? That's big news in itself. I didn't see that as I looked through the news sites or my newspaper.

    Happy Holy Thursday.

  4. Ros, yes, I am rather reflective, almost morose. Physical illness seems to do that to me.

    And Kathy, yes, there has been a trend of really really bad things with people who were involved.

    And Manny, there was a fire, and they found explosive devices that apparently didn't explode. They have surveillance video of a grey haired man, but they can't see his face. I bet someone recognizes him, and we will find out who it is and he will be arrested.