Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Mass as Heaven on Earth

I drove all over the city tonight to purchase the last book I will need for Biblical School.  I have an entire bookcase full of the books I have purchased over the last four years.  They are some of my most precious possessions.  I think this book is likely to be one of my favorites.  It explains the Book of Revelation and how it relates to the Mass.  I hope that after I have finished it, I will be able to be more articulate about this.  

So, again, it is late, I have just gotten home after being gone all day, and I am exhausted.  I cannot write anything sensible when I am in this state.  

All day long today, I have been mulling something over.  In June, an icon class, given by world class iconographers, will be held in Denver.  Over the course of the six day class, each student is taught to write an icon.  It is not called "painting" because it is not a creative process... it is more of a sacred transcription.  It is done in prayerful silence.  The icons are made completely with 13th century methodology.  The paints are egg tempura, made on the spot, with eggs and pure pigments.  The gold haloes are made of gold leaf, and then burnished for hours - which is a very tricky process.  The lectures are part technique, but mostly sermon.   I participated in this class 5 years ago.  All beginners were to do the St. Michael the Archangel icon , and so I did.  It is my one and only icon.  I would dearly love to do another.  I would dearly love to take this class and spend another week in this incredible way.  

What's the hitch?  The cost.  $750.  That probably doesn't sound like much, but believe me, it IS much.  I have got a million expensive things coming up this year.  

I think I might have just answered my own question.  I will still prayerfully consider.... 

And I will go to bed.  

God Bless You all.  


  1. £465 sounds like all my savings!! Do they feed you aswell?

  2. The one you showed us is beautiful but $750 would be much more than I could spend as well. Maybe your guardian angel will drop a winning lottery ticket into your hands! LOL !

  3. That does sound expensive for a one week class. Do they provide supplies or is that a separate purchase as well?

  4. Ros, no they don't feed you :)

    Kathy, maybe I will actually buy a lottery ticket, I hear it increases the odds of winning!

    Manny, all the supplies are included.

  5. I hope you find some way to do it and if not, that something more economical will pop up that will be as peaceful an experience.

  6. Well, if they include supplies, maybe it's worth it.