Monday, February 7, 2011


My granddaughters, age 10 and 7, came over for lunch on Saturday.  I had been out with my running club on Saturday morning and immediately went shopping afterwards for something I could make quickly for lunch.  Everyone loves my homemade pizza and doesn't seem to differentiate between the two kinds of pizza I make.  One that is composed of homemade sauce (from scratch - start with tomatoes, and not in a can) and dough that is legit - ready after hours of rising.  Or the other kind, the kind I made on Saturday:  homemade dough, with rapid rising yeast, and sauce bought in the refrigerated section.  I do think they like the first kind better, but no one ever complains when I make the quick way on occasion.  

But I failed to make dessert.  

My daughter asked me what was for dessert.  I sheepishly told her that I didn't have dessert.  She said "Oh no!  I overheard Madeline telling Olivia that 'Nana ALWAYS makes us dessert!' How odd that this is the day you aren't."  We quickly searched my pantry and freezer for something, anything to put together for dessert.  I had nothing!  Finally, I found two flour tortillas in my freezer and knew it would be OK.  

After we had eaten our pizza, I went into the kitchen to make this little treat.  

Place a flour tortilla on a cookie sheet.  Butter it liberally - and do NOT use margarine.  Sprinkle it with sugar - again liberally.  Then sprinkle cinnamon over all.  Place into a hot oven, upwards of 500º.  Watch carefully.  The butter will melt.  The sugar will melt right into it.  It will brown.  When you take it out of the oven, let it cool for a minute, then slice.  It will be a sweet, crispy delight.  

The kids loved it and had no idea that on this particular Saturday, Nana had not planned to make dessert!


  1. Great that you are so resourceful in the kitchen. That pie looks pretty good, too.

  2. My mother (old fashion Italian woman that she is) makes pizza completely from scratch and it's the best! Too bad you two couldn't compare each others. How simple on the desert. From the picture it looks like it's filled with blueberry.

  3. The pie is from a different time. It is, I believe, a cherry pie.

    I bake pies all the time, and almost always take pictures.