Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Night

I got to spend all day today with my littlest granddaughter.  She is four months and three days old.  I kinda like her!  We took a little nap this afternoon and when I got up, I looked at her little self on my big bed and had to take a picture.  Of course, I took tons of other photos of her, but I don't feel I have the right to post them here without my son and daughter-in-law's permission - and I am not even going to ask.  

I think I better lighten up here on this blog.  I guess I am sounding very unhappy.  I am not really.  I just share stuff as I think of it.  My last post retold my coming to terms with being a divorced woman in the Catholic Church. I think I spent more time talking about the pain of it than the acceptance of it.  I really am fine with it - but on Marriage Sunday and Valentine's Day, it is easy to feel bad about "being alone."  

But I am not alone.  Far from it.

Today I got to spend the day with a tiny little girl who has captured my heart.  We said the rosary this afternoon.  Well, you know she didn't actually "say" it, but I held her as I prayed the rosary.  And it was wonderful.

Thank God.  


  1. Oh, what a sweet vision. Holding that precious baby while praying the Rosary. No fair posting that photo - I would love to be able to hold an infant. I think I will have a long wait for grandchildren, so I will have to enjoy yours, vicariously. God Bless her and you!

  2. Amen! I do have to say--grandchildren are the bomb. Hang in there Joyce :)

  3. She looks big for four months old. God bless her and all the little ones. It's wonderful having a little child around.

    Joyce - If you really want a baby, you can always do what my wife and I recently did: adopt! :-P Here we are at 49 - nearly fifty years old - and we got a one year old! We'll be ancient by the time he graduates college!