Saturday, February 19, 2011

When Given Lemons...

I am making a Strawberry-Lemon Curd Tart for a party I am invited to tonight.  It should be good.  It may eventually mean that I go to mass tomorrow instead of tonight - I didn't realize this thing was going to take all afternoon to make.  The crust and the lemon curd are chilling now.  And then there is another step, and another chill, and then finishing it.  It sounds unlikely I will have that all done within the next hour.  But who knows?

I am a news junkie.  People who know me well marvel at the fact that I can watch CNN all day - especially if they know my politics - and religion.  About once a month, I say, "Never again!  I am never watching that horrible network again!"  But I do.  Again, and again.  Today I have been watching the horrible killings in Libya.  The demonstrations in Madison.  And they reported on the Priest Abuse Scandal in Philadelphia.  It made me cry.  I had only read online versions of the story before, I hadn't realized the extent of it.  My prayers are joined with yours, because I know that some of my readers are sending heart-broken prayers about this.  So sad.

And then the people screaming in Madison, WI.  I am sorry to say that I am unsympathetic.  It sounds terrible, I know.  But last week while I was sick, I got an e-mail from our new governor, telling me I was taking ANOTHER 2% cut in pay.  And my job is in risk AGAIN.  And this makes three years in a row that I have taken cuts in pay.  It adds up.  And nothing else is going down.  On the same night I got the notice of the cut in pay, I got a notice from one of my retail credit accounts (which thankfully is paid off), they are now going to charge 24% interest!  WHAT?  I will not use it again.  I also got a notice from my bank that all the fees have increased by 25%.  OK.  Now my utilities, I cannot opt not to use... that has gone up as well.  And I paid $37. for a tank of gas last week.  

But I have a job.  It is a job that I feel good about.  It is a good use of my skills, talents, and abilities.  I feel that I am contributing to the welfare of the mentally ill of this state every day by doing my job.  I love my boss.  I love many of my co-workers.  I have worked there for 16 and a half years.  I am working towards a good retirement.  I cannot even remotely imagine screaming in the public square about how I am getting screwed.  

I believe in God.  That makes everything different.  I know where my final desired destination is, and nothing referenced above is going to effect that in any way at all.  

I think my dough may be chilled enough to roll out now... 


  1. Yes, it does sometimes ring hollow to hear people moan and whine about what they're losing, with a loaf of bread under each arm, while so many others who would love to have any job at all go wanting.

  2. It really is tough. The whole country has taken at least a notch loss in standard of living since this recession. It's been horrible. I thank God for my job. While we have been pretty much been told we shouldn't expect increases for a few years, at least we're not being cut. But our costs for health insurance keeps going up and up. Mary-C, just a bit of advice. Do whatever it takes to avoid credit card interest. It's really a killer. Have fun at the party. Oh, and Fox News is so much better than CNN. :-P

  3. Ditto on Fox. It's about all I watch unless my granddaughter is here. I'm pretty tired of the WI drama myself. When my neighbor, a public utility union member, was complaining that he might have to start paying something towards his health benefits I told him not to expect any sympathy.

  4. I LOVE lemon curd and can tell you it is worth the work! It looks beautiful!
    Thank you so much for your prayers for the priests in my city. Yes, my heart is broken, and it warms it to have your help.
    I watch too much Fox news and will soon be stopping. I'm with you on that. The funny part is that I am up for one of those Word Doctor segments with Frank Luntz, here in Philadelphia. So if I am chosen, I will go out with a bang. lol
    Kind of disgusted with the Wisconsin Dems. They did lots of bill passing with out ANY votes. A sorry lot. IMHO