Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It was kind of an angry day...

That's the view from my office window.  In the foreground is a Christmas cactus that is currently in bloom.  Also a bit of a flower from a shamrock.  And a whole lot of snow.  I work at a psychiatric hospital and two of the psychiatrists, totally independent of one another, yesterday mentioned that this weather is beginning to effect their moods.  Well, me too.

On the way to work, a big honkin' truck got behind me and was tailgating me.  After a moment, he decided that tailgating would be more fun if accompanied by gesturing of the one finger variety.  I had a truck in front of me, and an aggressive truck behind me.  Going 40 mph on a sheet of ice.  It was not pleasant.  After the big angry guy almost ran me off the road, I opted to call "911" and report him.  

After I got off the phone, I felt bad for a moment.  I ran through my familiar refrain "what is the matter with you?  You were just praying one second, and the next second, you are calling the police on someone - where does this come from?"  I answered myself and said "I might just have saved someone else's life if they get that guy off the road, because he was out of control."  I was not trying to be vindictive, I just wanted the guy to be off the road and not endangering anyone else.

When I got to work, I saw an e-mail from a co-worker.  She forwarded me the too cute for words story from CNN about "confessing on the go" - the confession app that I got my nose out of joint about yesterday.  I sent her back a reply that was probably a bit too terse.  She is a Catholic who has not been to confession for over twenty years - I told her it was an aid to actual confession and she was welcome to see the app on my phone.  (not very subtle probably).  

Tonight I saw that the local news is featuring a story on the app - I am going to go to bed and skip getting angry with them.  I would just rather not.

Why do people think the Catholic Church is fair game for mockery?  

They would not mock Islam, nor Judaism - only Christianity, and the Catholic brand seems to be the most likely target.  It makes me mad.  

I will say my prayers and go to bed and hope to not hear another word about this Confession app.


  1. That driving situation sounds really harrowing. I really don't think you did anything wrong! The truck driver was endangering everybody on the road. And believe me I KNOW how being awash in adrenalin can then follow you around for a while! If you _truly_ think you were too harsh with your co-worker, you can say sorry, I was herded to work by a tailgaiting semi on the ice, and was a bit on edge! But really, it sounds to me like you are too hard on yourself. :)
    btw-I have worked with the mentally disabled--and God Bless you! It is good work. :)

  2. Every morning for the past month and a half I've risen as usual and offered the day's annoyances to the Lord. But only a half hour into the day, I'm in a mood most foul and unbecoming. The weather has done a number on a lot of us, dear.
    Hang in there.

  3. I tend to ignore a lot when it comes to mocking the church. I offer gentle correction, where appropriate, but that's it, aside for praying for the person. People are ignorant and they often know nothing about that which they mock. It's hurtful because we feel like they are mocking the Lord. Sometimes I think when people do that in my presence, it's God's way of letting me know how I offened others when I did the same thing. Yet one more trial on the road to eternity....

  4. First, I don't think you did anything wrong reporting that truck driver. It was the right thing to do.

    Yeah, I really get ticked off when people mock Christianity. I don't know why our culture feels it's free game and not the others. Even when I was young and an atheist/agnostic I never mocked anyone's religion. I'm not as generous to pray for them nor am I gentle. I show my dislike quite evidently. I know that's not Christian, but my emotions get the better of me.

  5. John 15:18-19
    "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. 19 If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you."