Monday, May 2, 2011

We are called to be...

We are called to be this kind of person.  The one on the left, not on the right.  

When did the US become the kind of place where we dance in the streets over the death of a foe?  

I'm just as glad he is gone as anyone.  The military is in the business of protecting our country, and they have to do what they have to do.  I have nothing but respect and admiration for them.  

But us?  Jubilation over a man being killed?  I think we are behaving like the very people we pretend to be so superior to.  


  1. Thank you for stating this! I was beginning to wonder if I was jaded or unpatriotic for feeling the same way but didn't know quite how to express these complicated feelings: relief certainly, but not joy. Once again, you've hit the mark beautifully.
    By the way, how'd the half-marathon go?

  2. Thanks Julie. I have grown sicker and sicker as the day has progressed. I am just sick at the things I have seen. The TV is now off.

    And the half marathon was AWESOME! I had the BEST TIME! Thanks for asking!

  3. I'm not dancing in the streets, but, poor sinful me, I have to admit I'm pretty happy. Lord have mercy on me. This was ten years in coming and after a lot of pain and horror and suffering for so many people - fellow countrymen, at that. It's an incredible release. I know I'm sinning, but what a wonderful moment.

    Glad you had a great run. :)

  4. Tom and I just had a discussion about this very thing, although we see it differently. I am glad he is not with us, I would have pulled the trigger myself but I would not have put on my party hat, taken beer in hand and danced in the streets all night with fireworks overhead. I can understand it if you were in the heat of battle, with the adrenaline pumping, and you lived through it, but not what I saw on tv. I do think they should have brought back the body, so the family members had proof,some closure- even if it would be against their religion. Historically, that would not be out of line, you know, the head on a platter kingly demand (but not really cut off his head). Just so it's clear, I don't have any sympathy for him, I just thought it was inappropriate for most to celebrate in such an over the top manner.

  5. I am no pacifist, I am glad he is gone. I don't think it will matter one iota, except in the perception that we have gotten him - finally.

    But the jubilation in the streets is disgusting! I don't believe Americans even did that when Hitler died. We have never been that kind of people. But I guess now we are.