Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Mother's Day

I have so many friends and acquaintances who are sadly not mothers or have lost a child, I am hesitant to say "Happy Mother's Day!!!"  I know it is a difficult day for some.

I've had a wonderful day.  Starting with Mass last night, where I was given a little sprig of carnations for being a mother.  I thought it was sweet.  This afternoon my two daughters and two granddaughters came over for lunch.  Yes, I cooked.  But only because I wanted to.  We had a lovely lunch.  They brought me flowers and a rose plant.  The photo above is from the rose plant they gave me last year... it is a Chicago Peace.  This year it is a Fragrant Cloud - my all time favorite.

This week I have struggled with what to write, what not to write, and what kind of blogger I am.  I am not sure I have any business at all being a Catholic blogger - my blog doesn't seem to fit with the rest.  Mine is (a lot) more personal and less didactic.

I don't think I even know what kind of Catholic I am anymore.  I know I would like for Mass to be sacred.  I know it is the sacrifice instituted by Jesus himself.  Therefore, I wish people would be quiet and act like they are doing the most important thing they do all week.

Last night I went to a church I seldom attend.  Its sad that I don't like this church because it is only one mile from my house.  I got there early enough to pray the rosary.  There was raucous conversation and laughter all around me, I had to mouth the words to the prayers just to keep my place.  I looked around to see who was hollering and laughing so loud, and it was the priest.

I prayed that Jesus would help me be less judgmental.  I know that people who go to this church and like this priest tend to LOVE him.  So, what do I know?  Of course, one friend of mine who loves him goes gambling with him in a nearby casino town on a regular basis.  That just doesn't seem right to me... but again... what do I know?

I just know today that I am a humble little Catholic who has made enough mistakes to give the whole church a black eye.  So, I need to just be humble and grateful to be forgiven my sins.


  1. Why consider yourself a "Catholic blogger"? Why not consider yourself a blogger who happens to be Catholic? I consider my blog to be about me, my interests, values, and observations. It has no narrow focus.

    Happy Mother's Day. :)

    PS, I do have a blog entry about a very courageous mother who refused to abort her unborn child. It might be of interest to you. ;)

  2. Oops, I just went over and noticed you did read it and comment. Thank you.

  3. Happy Mother's Day. I don't consider myself anywhere near a Catholic blogger, although I read some of them but generally not the "big" ones.

    Maybe, because you have some special skills related to your occupation, you could write about ordinary things, just day to day activities and how that might relate to Catholic teachings, behavior, etc.

    I like your blog because you're just a regular person going through life just like the rest of us. Sometimes things go well, sometimes not, but in the end you reason through it.

  4. I think Kathy hit the nail on the head. If you're looking for subject matter, look through your personal experiences, news items, events, and people you know and reflect on them from your Catholic perspective.

  5. I read your blog because I want to and because I like it. Then again, you were talking about why you 'write' it. Trust me to just look at it from my perspective! Thinking of you.