Saturday, May 14, 2011

Holy Exhaustion!

I spent all day in a retreat today.  It was our last day of Biblical School.  We were sent out to find our calling.  Some of us know what that is, some of us (like me) don't.  It was a great day of very inspirational talks and a few videos.  I took some notes, mostly I scribbled madly into my Bible.  One of the quotes I heard and loved today:

"We are called to be 'fishers of men' not 'keepers of the aquarium.'"

After the retreat was over, I realized that it was Saturday afternoon, and I was at a Catholic Church.  Well, you all know what that means!  Confession!  So, I stood in line for a little while and then went to confession.  I took the above photo as I was waiting.  I love, love, love Catholic churches on Saturday afternoons.  The quiet, the dark, the sacred place where people come to acknowledge their sinfulness and ask for forgiveness.  

It struck me as I stood in line that two of the things that I found the most offensive about the teachings of the church as a disgruntled youth are two of the things I am most grateful for today:  confession and purgatory.    Without those, I would be doomed. 

Then I went to Mass.

I wish I had the energy to write about the retreat, but I am worn out.  It was a long Catholic day.  My head can hit the pillow tonight in deep satisfaction for a wonderful day.  Thanks to the Grace of God.  


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I know what you mean about churches on Saturday afternoon, though I must admit they're not nearly as quiet as they were when I was a kid waiting for Saturday afternoon confession. Back then, there was no Vigil Mass either.

    I wouldn't worry too much about your "calling". When in doubt, borrow St. Therese's calling - to win souls for Jesus and make Him loved as He ought to be loved. You can do that just being who you are - a lovely, gentle soul.

  2. Your day sounds wonderful, if tiring.
    The Sarament of Confession is one of the greatest blessings we have as Catholics, and I will never understand why protestants deny the need for it.
    Their loss, our gain ;)
    God bless you, Autumn xx

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