Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3

I couldn't get signed in to this account on blogger for several days, and then I felt I had nothing to say.  I think I am in mourning for Biblical School.  It is sad to not have an assignment, nothing to write, no books to read.  I could sign up for Catechetical School in the fall, but I think I just need to be done with school.  If it were free, I would have no second thoughts about another 2 years of school, but at the price it is, I need to not do it.

I went to "mass" this morning as I always do on First Friday, but it wasn't a Mass - for lack of priest I imagine.  It was a communion service.  I am grateful to be able to receive communion, but I so wanted to go to Mass.  I guess I can think about what it is like for people with no priests at all.  I am so blessed to live in a large metropolitan area where I can get to Mass every day if I make the effort.

I have a half-marathon tomorrow.  And I have my 8 month old granddaughter all day Sunday.  I bought a little swimming suit and pool for her.  We shall have a great time.  And then I took a day of vacation on Monday, because I will likely need a day in bed to recover from all of this!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone.


  1. How I wish I could run a half-marathon again. I'd settle for a ten-miler. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, especially having Monday off! Enjoy :)

  2. Again? Ha, ha, I'd settle for being able to walk over to the concession stand comfortably. I've never been able to run- something about my knees never was quite right. Every year I had to suffer through those presidential fitness tests in gym and the track was the worst! I think I invented power walking back in the 70s, LOL. ( I was a sit up champ though!)

    Blogger has been terrible, hasn't it.

    I was reading on a homestead blog about a family that took an incident in their ordinary day and related it to a Bible teaching, every day. Maybe you can find something to teach us now that you're out of school.

  3. I'm still having trouble with blogger. Anyway hope your race went well.

  4. MC! you okay? just wondering...of course not blogging doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong. But we miss you round these parts!