Friday, June 10, 2011

Icon Class

On Thursday morning of this week I got an e-mail asking me if I was still interested in the icon class that starts tomorrow.  I won't go into all of the details, but it became possible for me to attend - thanks to the efforts of several people.   I was able to talk my boss into letting me take a week of vacation with virtually no notice - while there is a huge deal going on at the hospital that is essentially my job.  I have two meetings next week that I absolutely have to attend, so I will miss a morning and an afternoon, but I think I will be able to make up for what I miss.

I am so excited about this.  I will get to spend seven or eight days writing an icon.  It is called "writing" not painting because it is not a creative process, but a transcription process.  The icons are considered a window to the saint portrayed.  What an honor and blessing it is to be able to be used this way.  

About the blog, I apologize for disappearing.  I feel like a hack in the Catholic Blogging world.  I am not that great of a Catholic.  I want to be.  I am trying to be.  But I am so far from the kind of holy souls who blog about Catholicism.  

At the graduation of Biblical School, they really stressed that we need to fulfill our calling.  I thought about it and as far as I can tell, my true calling is to work with drunks.  I wish it was something more glamorous than that, but working with alcoholics is something I can do, and I can do as well as I think it can be done.  This is not something I am paid to do, it is something entirely different.  And I have to be anonymous about it, if that gives you an idea.

So, I restarted my old blog, which is about recovery from alcoholism, after a 6 month sabbatical.  It is satisfying and frustrating to write on the blog.  But I think I have a voice there that is actually needed.  

I love the people I have met through this blog and I will probably continue the blog, but not posting as often.  I  appreciate your support over the last six months.  

Say a prayer for my class?  I appreciate it.


  1. I will say a prayer for your class as well as your vocation and the people you will serve. Stay in touch!

  2. Absolutely! And I consider myself also to be in the not so hot Catholic category, but wannabe. Welcome. ;) I believe the wanting to be is something for which God approves and sends lots of help. It sounds like a very wonderful thing you are doing~God Bless your work. I had to leave the work I was doing with homeless and mentally ill, to be more available and less burned out for my family. I sometimes feel bad about that...and about being emotionally burned out in general. I will pray for you and ask for yours as well.

  3. I'm glad you have the opportunity to take the class, I know how much you want to do it. I'll miss your frequent posts. Don't forget to stop by and visit once in awhile, even if it is just on-line!

  4. Prayers sent for your vocation and your class. Helping alcoholics is doing the Lord's work.