Saturday, June 11, 2011

Icon Update

Today I spent several hours doing some preliminary work on the icon.  I wish I had taken a photo of the plain white board.  But I didn't.  As you can see, I am doing Theotokos, Mary Mother of God.  So, I am given the drawing and transfer it to my board by tracing the drawing with graphite paper beneath it.  When I am done, I have the outline on my board.
Then the next step is to engrave the drawing into the gesso on the board by using a sharp object to engrave each line.  
You can barely see it, but it is engraved.  My teacher drew the halo for me, it is precision work.  

Tomorrow I will work on it some more.  And I will take photos as I go.  

Oh, I am so thrilled to be able to do this.  What a gift!  

It is such a prayerful activity.  We are downstairs from the chapel, and I can go for adoration whenever I would like.  I will likely be able to get to Mass every day this week.  This wouldn't sound like much of a vacation to most people, but it is beyond my wildest dreams.

And then I had a date tonight with the man I have been seeing.  As I was getting ready, I was nervous about how I looked, so I took a photo and sent it to my daughter.  She told me I looked fine, so I was reassured.    His friend is visiting him from California, and we all went out for dinner.  It was lovely, lovely, lovely.  I was a little nervous because I felt that he wanted to see what his friend thought of me.  We had fun, great conversation, I told them both all about the icon class - and they actually seemed interested - both Catholics, you see.  When they dropped me off at home, I said goodbye to the friend and he hugged me.  Since he is probably in his 70s, I thought the hug meant he liked me.  I hope to see this man, the one I am dating, more.  I am a bit smitten.  

And thrilled about the icon.  What are the odds I will sleep tonight?  Not good, I'd say.

God bless you all.  I will probably be posting every day while I am in my class.  I want to post the photos here.  I hope you like to watch the progress....


  1. You look great Mary C! Also the icon. I look forward to seeing it come to life, so to speak. Will you get it blessed? Your'e very talented. I'm glad you are enjoying your dates with your new friend, terrifying as it all sounds to my scared head hahaha! A friend sent to check you out, I would make a mess of things, I know and end up fighting with the pair of them. Never mind, you're much more sensible than me, thank God. Your advices in your last comment on my blog really helped me in Mass today, when I thought about not going to Communion due to being so angry (Grrrrrrrrrr!). I managed to say a release prayer and something wonderful happened afterwards, which I might blog about, if led to.

  2. You are so cute, sending your photo to your daughter to make sure you looked ok. What did we do before cell phones had cameras and internet connections?

  3. I am so happy things are going so well. Best to you Mary-C. :)

    Hey if you haven't seen them, there are two of my blogs recently posted that you might enjoy. One is about my date at the Pope's choir and the other is titled Sung-bong Choi!!!.

  4. You look lovely! Glad you are having a good time with this man.